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Tungsten Alloy Radiation Shield

Good quality Tungsten Alloy  for Military for sales
Good quality Tungsten Alloy  for Military for sales
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Tungsten Alloy Radiation Shield

China Tungsten Radiation Shielding factory

Tungsten Radiation Shielding

With rapid development of medical science, more and more tungsten radiation shieldings are used in our lives. Medical instruments x-ray and nuclear power stations have become widespread and are now affecting ... Read More
2017-04-17 04:19:34
China Tungsten(Wolfram) Vial Shield factory

Tungsten(Wolfram) Vial Shield

The Tungsten Vial Shield is designed to greatly reduce exposure to vials containing liquid radioisotopes. The shield is constructed of .19" (.48 cm) thick tungsten, equivalent to .38" (1 cm) lead at 150 keV. ... Read More
2017-04-03 11:12:04
China Tungsten shielded container for vial transport factory

Tungsten shielded container for vial transport

The shielded container CF18T is made up of wolfram and it is used to transport radioisotopes. The top is locked by means of a fixed joint (bayonet lockup). The lockup is equipped with a O-Ring seal that ensures ... Read More
2017-04-03 11:09:04
China Tungsten Alloy Syringe Shield factory

Tungsten Alloy Syringe Shield

Tungsten Alloy Syringe Shield 3cc: Introduction: 9 mm thick glass-5.2g/cc gives optimum protection and tungsten alloy syring shield is easily replaced. Fully exposed needle hub allows you to visually check for ... Read More
2017-04-03 11:06:01
China Tungsten Unit Dose Pig factory

Tungsten Unit Dose Pig

The Tungsten Unit Dose Pig accommodates the most commonly used conventional and safety-engineered syringes. The tungsten components are rugged and easy to clean. A single twist to open or close reduces loading... Read More
2017-04-03 11:01:56
China Tungsten Alloy Radiation CT Target factory

Tungsten Alloy Radiation CT Target

Tungsten alloy is a best choice for tungsten alloy radiation CT target applications, CT target used in both medical and industrial settings. Compared to traditional radiation shielding materials, tungsten alloy ... Read More
2017-03-08 13:32:27
China Tungsten Alloy Radiation for Room factory

Tungsten Alloy Radiation for Room

Our tungsten alloys are used for radioactive source containers, gamma radiography, shields, and source holders for oil-well logging, and industrial instrumentation. High-density tungsten alloy radiation ... Read More
2017-03-08 13:32:17
China Lead Free Radiation, Protection factory

Lead Free Radiation, Protection

Most of radiation including ionizing radiation and non-ionizing radiation is harmful. Therefore, in order to protect ourselves from radiation, we have to take extraordinary measures and reduce the radiation to ... Read More
2017-03-08 13:32:03
China Nuclear Submarine Tungsten Radiation Protector factory

Nuclear Submarine Tungsten Radiation Protector

Nuclear submarine tungsten radiation protector tungsten alloy radiation shielding is the high density metal, which is mixing of a tungsten alloy powder (such as: with content of 92.5 et.% W and the balance of ... Read More
2017-03-08 13:31:40
China Tungsten Medical radiation shielding factory

Tungsten Medical radiation shielding

Nuclear medical radiation shielding Tungsten alloy is ideal for shielding against X-rays and gamma radiation. The very high density of tungsten shielding (more than 60% denser than lead) allows a reduction in ... Read More
2017-03-08 13:31:27
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