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Tungsten Alloy

Good quality Tungsten Alloy  for Military for sales
Good quality Tungsten Alloy  for Military for sales
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Tungsten Alloy

China Tungsten Alloy Hand Grenade factory

Tungsten Alloy Hand Grenade

Tungsten alloy hand grenade With the development of economic and military industry, tungsten heavy alloy is increasingly adopted as the raw material for military defense products in recent years, because people ... Read More
2017-03-08 14:00:12
China Tungsten Kinetic Energy Penetrator factory

Tungsten Kinetic Energy Penetrator

Tungsten kinetic energy penetrator (also known as a KE weapon) is a type of ammunition that, like a bullet, does not contain explosives and uses kinetic energy to penetrate the target. The opposite technique to ... Read More
2017-03-08 14:00:00
China Swan shot factory

Swan shot

Swan shot is used as the shot of shotgun A shotgun is a firearm that is usually designed to be fired from the shoulder The shot pellets from a shotgun spread upon leaving the barrel and the power of the burning ... Read More
2017-03-08 13:59:47
China Tungsten Buckshot factory

Tungsten Buckshot

Larger sizes of shot, large enough that they must be carefully packed into the shell rather than simply dumped or poured in, are called "buckshot" or just "buck", Buckshot is used for hunting larger game, such ... Read More
2017-03-08 13:59:35
China Tungsten Alloy Anti-material Rifle Bullet factory

Tungsten Alloy Anti-material Rifle Bullet

Tungsten alloy is a kind of composite materials that tungsten whose quality fraction is 80%-98% distributes to Ni-Fe-W sosoloid As it is wished, tungsten alloy combines with the high density, high strength of ... Read More
2017-03-08 13:59:16
China Shotgun Slugs factory

Shotgun Slugs

A modern shotgun slug is a heavy tungsten, copper-covered lead or other material (like steel[1] or wax) projectile, with or without a plastic tip, that may have what appears to be rifling, but these are special ... Read More
2017-03-08 13:59:06
China Tungsten alloy disc factory

Tungsten alloy disc

Primary Competitive Advantages: Reputation Service Small Orders Accepted Brand-name Parts Experienced Staff Guarantee/Warranty International Approvals Price Product Features Product Performance Main Export ... Read More
2017-03-08 13:36:58
China Tungsten colored fly fishing sinkers factory

Tungsten colored fly fishing sinkers

Primary Competitive Advantages: Distributorships Offered Experienced Staff Form A Green Product International Approvals Packaging Price Product Features Product Performance Prompt Delivery Quality Approvals ... Read More
2017-03-08 13:36:48
China Tungsten painted rhombus fishing lures factory

Tungsten painted rhombus fishing lures

Fishing sinkers are weights used to force a lure or bait to increase its sink rate, anchoring ability, and casting distance in fishing or fishing by net, and they can make the bait and fishing net reaching the ... Read More
2017-03-08 13:36:30
China Tungsten Fin Stabilized Core factory

Tungsten Fin Stabilized Core

Multinational missions in war zones and trouble spots are placing new requirements on armies, navies and air forces, tungsten fin stabilized core offers with its high properties such as hardness, ultimate ... Read More
2017-03-08 13:36:18
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