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Lead Free Radiation, Protection

Lead Free Radiation, Protection

Lead Free Radiation, Protection

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Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: CHENTIAN
Certification: ISO 9001:2008
Model Number: 032

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Detailed Product Description

Most of radiation including ionizing radiation and non-ionizing radiation is harmful. Therefore, in order to protect ourselves from radiation, we have to take extraordinary measures and reduce the radiation to a minimum. We can provide different kinds of lead free radiation protection product as your requirements.
China tungsten's product products are always highest quality. Tungsten heavy alloy is completely it, being comprised of tungsten with minor amounts of nickel and iron. Lead free radiation protection offers a number of advantages as tungsten alloy radiation shielding material for clinical use: 
- Good corrosion resistance under ambient conditions
- Low toxicity
- Superior radiation attenuation compared to lead
- Damage resistant due to much higher mechanical properties than lead
Why Use Tungsten Alloy Radiation Shielding?

Compared to traditional radiation shielding materials such as lead and boron carbide, tungsten alloy radiation shielding provides excellent density with small capacity. At the same weights high density alloy can provide the same energy absorption as lead using 1/3 less material. 
When the weight is certain, more density denser, and the thickness would be thinner. Tungsten alloy radiation shielding material could be made with thinner thickness but high absorption of radiation in high density. That is why tungsten alloy radiation shielding material is suitable for the products.
Lead free radiation protection products provided by us is qualified.
During design of tungsten alloy radiation shielding, lead free radiation protection is calculated according to requirements of shield to abate the multiple shielding materials' thickness.
Formula: K = e0.693 d / △1/2
K: Shield weakened multiple
△ 1/2: The tungsten alloy radiation shielding material of the half-value layer values
d: tungsten alloy radiation shielding thickness, with the half-value layer thickness of their units, you need to half-value layer thickness of the quality of translation into the thickness of the lead free radiation protection products, divided by the density of the tungsten alloy radiation shielding can be obtained.
Internationalists and their team work within a zone of radiation “shade” created by the patient drapes. 
Light weight, pliable, and lead free radiation protection shields are built into each sterile, disposable drape.  
Clinical studies show that when placed directly on the patient, RADPAD cuts harmful scatter radiation by as much as ninety-five percent. Tungsten alloy radiation shielding is widely used in some areas.

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