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High density tungsten shot

High density tungsten shot

    • High density tungsten shot
    • High density tungsten shot
  • High density tungsten shot

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    Place of Origin: China
    Brand Name: CHENTIAN
    Model Number: 011

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    Minimum Order Quantity: 10kg
    Payment Terms: TT
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    Detailed Product Description

    Tungsten alloy shot is used as the shot for shotgun hunting shells
    The pellets spread upon leaving the barrel, and the power of the burning charge is divided among the pellets, which means that the energy of any one ball of shot is fairly low
    In a hunting context, the product makes shotguns useful primarily for hunting birds and other small games
    Properties of tungsten alloy shot:
    High density, great hardness and resistance to high temperature make tungsten to be one of the most sought-after material for shotgun pellets in hunting history
    Density of tungsten alloy shot is about 18g/cm³, which is comparable only to gold, platinum, or bismuth
    To understand how the density factors of tungsten heavy alloy into performance, let us look at two spheres about the same size of tungsten alloy shot, a golf ball and a ping-pong ball
    The golf ball is far denser and will fly farther and hit harder
    Now shrink the ball size down to two single points, we can get clear comparison graphic
    Tungsten alloy will fly farther, hit harder and penetrate deeper
    Another unique property of tungsten alloy is that it is nontoxic and environment-friendly
    Therefore, it is safe for people to handle and work
    It is our leading products, Chentian Company can provide tungsten alloy shot as your requirements
    Tungsten alloy shot specification:
    1, Diameter: 2.0-4.0mm
    2, Density: 18.0-18.2g/cm³
    3, Composition: W content: 90-95%, W-Ni-Fe
    4, Surface: sintered surface
    Tungsten alloy pellet, with densities between 16.9 and 18.1g/cm³, represent the heaviest materials generally available to the engineers
    It has excellent radiation resistance, thermal and electric conductivities, corrosion resistance and machinability
    We can offer it with tungsten contents ranging from 85 to 98% with wide range of physical and mechanical properties
    We also offer non-magnetic W-Ni-Cu
    Tungsten alloy sphere is very dense and small in volume, which means it can be used in fields requiring small but heavy parts
    Counterweights in golf clubs, fishing weights, counterweights for military defense, projectiles in the missile weapons, armor piercing ammunition, hunting equipment, counterweights for hunting gun, prefabricated fragments
    Counterweights for oil logging
    Also some fields in precision industry, such as mobile phone vibrator, clock cube, self-winding watches, anti-vibration toll holders, flywheel weights and more
    Are among many tungsten alloy uses

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